I am a student registered nurse, currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Nursing at Western Sydney University. I completed the Accelerated Foundation Nursing course at Western Sydney University – The College in 2016 and was seen to be incredibly hard-working, receiving top marks in English and Communication units throughout the course. I have 4 months experience working as a Community AIN for Anglicare Home Care, in which I was the youngest employee to be hired on the spot with no experience.  I would describe myself as optimistic, flexible, patient and empathetic. I am a good listener and regularly demonstrate this attribute in my current job working in aged care. Critical reflection is my strong suit and an aspect I thoroughly enjoy, as seen in my excellent marks in University assessments involving this skill. Due to the progressive nature of a career in nursing, I am both excited and overwhelmed with the opportunities I am able to take. Although I love aged care, I highly enjoy working with children. My long-term objective is to work as a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner after successfully completing a Masters in Nursing (Practitioner) and a Graduate Certificate in Paediatrics. I am prepared to take on the ethical responsibility of a nurse that is emphasised by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. I will strive to deliver safe, patient-centered care and continuously develop this practice via reflection throughout my career.